Nearly Everyone must think life is just a means to vent all lust, desire, and passion in any case, they did not do it, but they would be wrong if too engaged in it, I know what you think you will always think of lust, desire, and passion. It should be limited, controlled, supervised and so that lead into a mind, especially in the case of positive action. Why is that because it is just thoughts and views, rarely someone else does not act according to his words was just bull shit, the game world of passion, desire, and passion must be used to achieve the desire point, if someone is constituted with lust then coupled with a spirit and with passion , then the victory in a game will not be far from it, it is a bad thing to be done but must be implemented for a outreach point, it is thought a gambler in a poker game, for him to do any thing for the sake of a outreach.

Didn’t care what other people say someone’s life for his principle respectively. He is often in calling a player’s name great, the man named Roy Fatan this story began when he was inspired by a game of chance when he was still in elementary school when it Roy was playing with his friends in the stalls Mr. Baihaki, not like a child at that time he was playing and playing always had in mind especially if a game associated with luck Roy very excited in it.

Not like a child in general, Roy has advantages in mngatur a flow of the game, it proved when he and his friends played marbles , Roy create a new pattern preformance this game, new game made is Zatorgas. Every person who wants to participate in this game, should put the marbles in the line of round seven marbles made by Boz Boz because is a regulator in this game, after all players put marbles in a circular line made by Boz Boz will throw the dice twice, the outcome in every throw will be calculated on the total the way, if the numbers are in total the same as the number which has been determined by each player, then he will come out as winners. If in view of the pattern of the game is not much like playing on gambling games, Roy get a lot of marbles from this game because he was always right in choosing the numbers, so Roy in his childhood.

Not only that, here this continues until he sat in a high school class. For an adolescent curiosity had risen when he knew new things and this happens to Roy, increasing technology into something that is good for all people in the world, everyone can communicate with the distance that can not be reached in a short time, each person can work if only sitting at the table, each person can express inside it that brief overview by Roy on the internet, so do not say outdated Roy trying to use the internet to create a facebook account. He was so surprised when I saw thousands of people from all the world with a different face, he seemed to understand that this is the internet can bring us towards better.

Roy often gain knowledge about the Internet rakes goro ICT in school, little by little he understands about the internet, but in addition there are many uses there are also a lot of harm, pornography, criminal acts, fraud, etc. Especially gambling. Every now and then a study about it when he learned about perjudiaan turns out it the same as what he did when making the game, initially he was surprised that he is a gambling game makers as many games as he made a gamble anyway smelling, seeing it Roy tried clicking unlike, but it is not easy because of confusion he tried to enter the world of gambling in order to know how bad it is.

The first thing he did was try to play Texas Holdem Poker. Actually, Roy did not know much about the game of poker, but as time goes by slowly he understands the game of poker, Roy asleep in the game, playing cards, guess the next card when the plop, and won The highest card when playing, like a professional player. in short time he was able to win chips in large quantities, all in awe of his greatness ray to win the game. So head over to the game’s crazy Roy often spend the whole day in front of a computer screen, when she never pay attention to her true friend is a virtual world, because it is friends Roy feel sympathy for him, sometimes Agus friends advise him but never be heard.

“What Roy again, the feeling of a very serious had there” Said Agus

“Oh you gus, the usual game, hockey again ya” Roy Answered

“Cave clay so every day you continue to Roy, weve baseball bored” Said Agus

“Hahaha, baseball was a great game, as long as you know every person in the world wrote the same games like this, you try again clay the online play in this game” Roy Answered

“Ouh, not good also Roy too admire a game, to the point that you had forgotten his own friends” said Agus

“i know what you think about this game, sorry gus cave again focus” Roy Answered

 That answer Roy when each friend giving advice, whereas Agus very concerned at Roy, see the bad situation Agus feel sorry for Roy, had advised him several times he can be said even tired yet Agus is a good friend. Agus sometimes disappointed to see Roy skip school just to follow the events in the poker game, it turns out not only who feels this way Agus parents also participated intervened Roy override this. When parents know the misdeeds Roy father very angry and disappointed at the day. Roy in mad out by his father. The father angry and uncontrollable that until Roy face slap.

“Basic child useless” father said as he slapped the face roy “mean dad what to do that, if the father is not happy to have a child like me” roy replied

“every parent’s would not be happy to see her son like you roy” replied his father

“Okay, if that’s the intent father mendinagn I went from this house

” roy said “go out if you want to go, the father was not happy if look his son like you, who works just lazy and play”

replied the father with a high tone

Roy then go out from his house to leave his father who was upset, in her blazing emotion and a sense of disappointment to his father. Actually, the father did not mean it like that at roy yes only provide advice and guidance on roy for not fall into one of bad world but roy can’t understand it, roy misrepresented his father’s advice. Time goes by itself roy has gone from his home, somewhere where it should go without purpose, without self-confidence and also a sense of being sure of what he had done. evening Time arrived, roy arrived at the terminal and sat in a chair of the station, looked up at the sky with some disappointment, sometimes with remorse he felt a very deep but roy is the type of person who never revoked the words who was his said, once he uttered the abstinence his never got back that words.

Roy sitting on a bench alone without a friend or friend to be a friend to chat, with carry bag on his back and wearing a red hat he seems like people overseas when seen from a distance. In the afternoon roy feel hungry and thirsty, then a take wallet in his jeans pocket pouches precisely, see roy photo is visible wallet along her father sometimes he remembered about the happiness, then the remaining money roy was only three hundred thousand, roy with that much money to buy a food and eat in wherever place, roy eat so heartily because he was hungry when he had left his home. in Roy head he mind very messy and he did not know where to go, suddenly he remembered a friend in facebook who was a player poker too , with quickly he took his cell phone and call that person, his name is bagas initially he started familiar with bagas as often chatting in Internet, roy hope this can help.

“Hallo” roy said “yes, with whom? “Asked bagasse

” roy gas cavern, friend playing poker in facebook “roy replied

” you Ouh roy, what is it? “Bagasse asked

” cave again want to play your home gas, weve house, where are you? “Roy said

” Ouh oke i’m here alone, incidentally my parents had gone to bandung cave again this month, cave house situated in the village ci anjur, tanyain father wrote home suganto definitely in tunjukin way ” Agus said

” okay, cave there now “answered roy

With his full spirit roy gone to agus’s home with the hope that he can help him, when roy arrived in Bandung roy managed to find a bagas home that is located in the ci anjur, roy arrival was greeted warmly by bagas, they had talked to just increase familiarity with each other then bagas ask about intent and purpose roy come to his house.

“How in the last journey, tired baseball roy” Ask bagas

“Just a little bit anyway, anyways it was counted to know the way wrote” roy replied

“Okay, weve actually dating you here with the intention of what roy

” Ask bags with a straight face “I actually longer exists gas problem “said roy

” what matter ” bagas asked back

” I’m broken home gas, I was expelled by my father, he was thrown out of the house “roy said

” why be like that “Ask bagas

” my mother was divorced with my father, they argue great then my mother and I were expelled from home “roy replied

” I am also the same doubts about you roy “bagas replied

” thanks gas, and I ask you for a ride to sleep at your house for the next few days “said roy

” Ouh, yes I hope you feel comfortable in my house roy “said bagas

” thanks “Answered roy

I do know what was roy think, he until was lying to bagas, that’s the nature of roy if he want got some things he’ll determined that whatever he did, the day had been spent at home on the first day of bagas’s home is only ordinary things done roy, roy always look landlord turns often out tonight to play poker, and bagasse are also sometimes invited roy to come with him.

“are you busy tonight ?” Ask bagas

” no i’m not, so where you’ll go ?” roy replied

“do you want to come and play, I happened tonight was no friend” said bagas

“where we go? “Roy asked back

” substantially participated, later you also know the place “said bagas

” Okay I participated gas “answered Satriyo

They went to the places who was they visit, roy surprised to see the places who had he visited with bagas, the glitter of the night seemed real world in front of his eyes, it feels like there is in poker games on facebook. Looks migrants to place it as the poker players, visible from their enthusiastic attitude exchange money for some chips,

roy just sit at the bar with a cigarette in his left hand he occasionally smoked a cigarette to calm weirdness, suddenly bagas laugh look roy which looks like the confusion, not long after bagas invite roy to play poker this time bagas exchange his money Rp.500.000 to a custumer service, roy given by bagas for RP.250,000 chips. roy and bagas quickly select fatherly table where they play, it is for the beginner poker players in the real world and it is very difficult because roy sometimes feel nervousness, only this time actually roy used his money to bet , usually when at school he only uses the challenge to bet on friends his friend. On the first night roy absolute losing money of 250,000 depleted because roy lost, but bagas win,

in one night bagas also won and got money Rp.1.000.000-Rp.3.000.000 , not less money for roy because only obtained with RP.250,000 capital, since the victory of bagas, bagass and roy treat for dinner at the food stall. When eating bagas tell roy about how to play poker properly. Roy was so meticulous heared bagas said and bagas promised to invite roy play poker again tonight. Arriving at the house, the atmosphere is so quiet, considering the bagas’s home is quite large and only he and his parents who live in the house, on the day of the week that they were together to clean the house, and their look so familiarity and feels very close because both of them are out going. Fatigue finally they get after this extensive house cleaning roy sitting in the living room with a soft chair, occasionally he thought about the house and his parents, a sense of actually always haunt roy because he had left his family’s feeling guilty but whatever suggest is hard for roy to heared, momentarily quieting the mind roy ntuk try resting on the couch, all the problems it feels little by little away in his mind. Roy phone was rang loud enough he woke up and hurried see incoming message, when he checked his cell phone there was a message from his friend agus he is roy friend when he was in the school at that time.

“where are you now? Your parents are looking for you since you go “

that’s message from agus, roy parents often ask how the condition of his son to Agus, indeed all parents would care for her child even though far from the expectations of parents, roy’s mother often cry when remembering his circumstances and his father was sometimes regret having lost control while berating roy, but roy do not want to think about it and with immediate he abolition the message. Day by day roy live with the usual, he was thinking about his future and he has found the way, roy intend to live alone without assistance from his family he wanted to prove that he could live without her family. Determination was made and he has a high sense of firm establishment, if he had intended to something. On the seventh day at bagas home, roy and bagas back again to gambling place, this time bagas bring money large enough to exchange it for chips, this time roy played quite powerful in three rounds he earned money with capital Rp.4.000.000 Rp.1.000.000, roy very feel pleasure to get money for it. Roy and bagas life depends on this game, that’s the reason why roy always try our best to cultivate an excess assets as work.

On one night, when roy and Bagas talk about their work income at a bus stop. some mind comes to Roy brain about the condition of his family when he saw a child whose mother led her son to cross. He really wanted to know the condition of his family but he did not know how to know. He could not break his promises and his determination not to return home. The feeling is getting out of hand until the conversation stops.

“Roy, what happened to you?” Asked Bagas for the third time.

“Yes Bagas, what is it?” Roy asked back.

Bagas seemed to know what happened to Roy, Bagas invited Roy to go some place of entertainment, they finally dissolved in a sheer pleasure. Day by day they went through the same way that there is only one day in this world and without end.

That’s life in the poker world will never be a limit to play, once stuck in it, some peopel will got very difficult to get out, in this night atmosphere in a very festive entertainment poker game because there is the arrival of foreign poker players from abroad, one of the regular players on call rex is feared players in the poker club that night, rex was a player from Texas United States, white, nose, reddish-haired, with blue eyes was the picture of a rex. Back to the party, there are plenty of DJs who performed on this night, one of which is DJ Pumsky, Jupiter Nine Dj, Dj Snoop King and Dj Black Mon. so festive atmosphere when Dj Black Mon play DJ Tools. Roy and Bagas sitting in a chair of bar, they sit while smoking cigarettes in his hand, roy and bagas looks very calm from a distance. Suddenly there came a man dressed in a white shirt with black pants accompanied pentopel shiny black shoes came toward roy and bagas, not talkative man sat down and ordered drinks some drunk with high levels, he drank uncontrollably,

the smell of liquor was wafted so hard so roy and bagas move the seat to avoid the smell of the drink and asked one of the barmaid.

“Excuse me, who the men with uncontrolled drinking it? “Ask bagas to the female waitress

“are you do not know who is he? “Replied the waiter woman

“No, indeed who he is? “Roy asked

“He was rex, owner of this club poker, it has the habit of drinking liquor before playing poker” said the barman.

Bagas and roy surprised to hear that, they did not expect that great players rex doing that. This is the moment to look forward to the chalange in poker will soon begin with the final stage against rex (the greatest player in the club), any player who wants to play must register with the money of Rp.20.000.000 and money to play must be in responsibility; players own. Originally bagas and roy hesitated to follow this game because given the opponent and the registration fee which is great, but whatever the power for a poker game addict, because before roy already get enough money to buy a sport bike then he sold it to pay a registration fee and come into play it’s unlike the case with bagas, because bagas are rich then it is not difficult for him to spend money just as much as it was. Dozens of participants to immediately register including roy and bagas, they get an account and password to be able to follow the game, the game is actually implemented next night because tonight is the opening of poker chalange. In the middle of the show rex ​ said.

“If anyone is able to defeat me then I’ll make the top officials in this place and give him/her the money as much as one billion” Rex said with a serious face

Everyone cheered after rex announced this, in the mind of roy hemust join this game to demonstrate that he is a best player and prove to his family of his way of life. It’s time for the game to starts all players sit in a seat that is in accordance with their username and password respectively, the game is so stressful for roy because it determines life and death in this game, roy play carefully each card out and make sure he observed well,

in the first round to win by a pretty score and chips Rp.15.000.000 roy is ranked seventh highest chip, while in the second round roy win back again,roy had beat ranked sixth chip Rp.20.000.000, in a game There are five rounds of the game and thos, who were escaped from the five rounds will fight against with the poker king , round three to five will be held tomorrow, when she reached home roy and bagas celebrate their victory in round one and two because bagas escaped too, came The third through fifth round on Saturday nights, roy determined to continue the struggle even lives at stake, since for him the price that must be paid for a mistake in his life, in the third round roy get a pair of AS hockey cards already in his hand, he waited about five seconds for Plop and the card that appears AS, is the pride of the hands of the card roy had three of kind, roy do with an all-in bet, two players fold and one of them all in too, the heartbeat is getting out of control, regulatory when the last card Spontaneous roy was opened his card with slowly. yes, roy won with three of kind, the roy game look very great, Rex is getting worried with it, roy qualifying for the fourth round with bagas, and great roy escapes back to the fifth round but bagas was failed and just look at the game roy of direction close.

“You can get away samapai roy great so far, I’m glad to hear it” said bagas

“no thanks, you are also great, you can fix a problem when you playing” said roy

“Roy remember that poker is full of lust and anger lest ye deposite everything because I have experienced it, okeh” said bagas

“Okay calm course I know what I’m doing” roy replied with a calm face

“Okay roy, congratulations playing” said bagas

That answer roy filled with the assurance, he never listened whats others say, although said yes but it is only in words is not necessarily in his heart.

This is the long round who was roy waited , roy played in the last round if he escapes he will play with the poker king rex , all spectators and participants who escaped comes from various countries, participants are left only five people at the table,

the game looks very fierce, buying and selling strategies occur in the game that night, not to walk thirty minutes two players have fallen, the Britons and Australian origin, seeing that high confidence in hearth roy, roy the suspect can to beat three players to do all in as much as Rp.250.000.000, two others joined the call with all the chip, and roy win with a card full house. All spectators cheered surprised to see amateur players can win in this game, the king of poker applause came roy.

“You do have potential, but do not always proud your self because i’ll sent you tu the hell ” Rex said with a road

Roy just reply it with a sweet smile, he sure was able to defeat the king of poker. Big game will be held the next day roy had a bad feeling, he confused the game because in later games roy fate will be decided, if roy wins then he will be rich, and if he lost all his money right exhausted.

The atmosphere was very festive major finals in the evening, this time available only two players on the final they are roy and rex. It’s time the game to star, roy has as many chips Rp.950.000.000 and rex has Rp. chip,

in the first round roy win with a chip roy Rp.400.000.000 so now rex chip is 1.35 billion, that game very fierce look. Not always all the road straight or smooth, sometimes things will happen in the dot bitter struggle roy, because of the high ambitious roy run the chip and left only Rp.100.000.000 roy devastated by what happened, he felt very confused sense in the continuing game or not, bagas was saw it and gave some advice to roy.

“Roy pleas don’t continue this game, do not you move on or you will lose everything” said bagas

“No gas, I’ve tried so far, I did not stop even for a stake” replied roy

“Do not blame me if you regret it later” bagas said then walked away from that place.

Seen roy confusion, rex offer higher stakes to roy.

“If you’ve given up” Tanya rex

“No, I do not give up” answered roy

“Then why are you silent, I offer you something” said rex

“What is that? “Roy replied

“my brother was sick, because he exposed kidney disease, if you want to put kidney I’ll give you the money of 4 billion, if you win, then the kidney will be safe and money 4 billion and 2 billion bonus will there in your hand, and you will take charge of this place , and if you lose the kidney and all your money will run out “said rex

“What do you mean rex, what kind of crazy gamble” roy replied with less high notes

“Think carefully I give you time for five minutes to think about this” answered rex

Roy feeling increasingly erratic, he was dizzy and got stress, because of high emotion he approves it, who knows what you have in mind rex how to crate it, probably because of the high firm establishment. And indeed what happened when roy lost in the final betting and this, it is not believed, bad things are slowly coming to roy, money, kidney, self-esteem is up he used to play poker, after undergoing surgery roy run away somewhere, his life was destroyed nothing can be proud, because it is slowly becoming bad and stress, everyday he just daydreaming and dreaming up at the end of his life, roy rise to the top of the tallest hotel building in jalakarta, tears flowing profusely from the men who was already skinny and dirty, he walk five steps before jumping down to cry and said.

“Forgive me father, mother, agus, bagas and everyone. I was stupid, I was selfish and I did not have my pride, and I had better die, goodbye “he said

then roy jumped from the top of the seventh floor. Roy died on that day anyway, shortly police come and examine identity roy bodies and sent it back to his home.

roy Parents, friends, agus and bagas comes to the roy funeral ceremony, they were very sad to see the journey of roy life, for them this is an example to overestimate anything in any compare. In a poker game there will be winners and losser, if they win, they will become great and rich, and if you lose then they will be poor, destitute and the last one is dead, that’s the poker games. So do you want to play or nothing?

“We look at the gambling table”