Or what about Biological Property Rights?

How about the idea of a Residual Income for mothers and teachers and children based on biological and intellectual property rights? A percentage returned from our sweat equity on the child rearing investment to our little American Corporations, perhaps?

I have sat next to so many frustrated children, mothers, teachers.

I have sat in the classrooms of so many fantastic educators all over the country, whose very diverse backgrounds from each other separate our learning experience, capacity, resources, and environment and quite literally wrapped us up in our ability to grasp them and their conceptual thinking, apart from our own, to incorporate into ourselves and to process from their experiences and knowledge, what is valid for us and what is not as an individual.
The social security administration was supposed to be our nations version of sweat equity, but in order to be paid as a homemaker or a child you would have to be injured somehow, incapacitated to some extent. But the program has been exploited and undermined and underfunded. We have fought to save it from bankruptcy, yet the outlook is still quite dim.
It feels like the country did it backwards and cannot see the err of their ways.

Or like old people got greedy and didnt think things through in the US, unlike so many other developed nations, reliant on death, destruction, and disability to live.
This woman thinks its time to flip this economy on its ass and let the children have a shot a true health. Not the fit bit health, but like true activity and engagement, rather than entertainment and gadget. Fully funded.
But the first generation of this program gets stumped. and thats okay because the SSA is still operational. In this economic proposal, I am suggesting that the American Government consider the idea of Citizens United in a mathematical equation that is familiar to everyone. A=B, B=A. Lets examine this.
A = Corporations and B = People.

Corporations = People & People = Corporations
People begin as children. Corporations begin as start ups. (Get it, HEAD START)
So, as a woman I have given birth to 3 children, I have 3 start ups.

The first child has very little income, with a lot of overhead costs. However, this child is a hard worker a joyous learner and a pleasure to have within the environment, so his cultural capital is quite high. He is sociable, but not overly so. And quick!
I am the childs biological mother, or the owner of this start up. I literally incubated this business. Then I delivered it to the world and nursed it from my own breast for 2.5 years, taught his preschool class, played t ball, soccer, basketball, Rollerblade, lots of studies, booboo kissing, in home chef, chauffeur services, data management, medical library and overall CEO leadership of this agency.

Then in steps some outside agency or force. DA office for child support, they want their cut because you got food stamps for 3 months. Its like the wicked step sisters when they see Cinderella in her pretty dress made from scraps. Or here comes DHS or CPS right, because you’re too christian or not christian or too poor to taken seriously at the stock market and some other investor can see some sort of potential earnings and they want their cut. Slicing and dicing before a penny is made.

Like my beautiful and talented son being kidnapped by his 3x felon father and taken away from a poor college student and given to the dope dealer with money to throw at the judge in the form of bullshit. Why was my investment cut short? because the army had to conceal the nature of the child’s birth. And they were being confronted with my physical reality of womanhood in America. So I am currently unaware of my oldest sons true status.
My second child, was still born. The start up couldn’t get off the ground.

My third, born very healthy. Very resourceful. Her father has equity. She has never had a cavity or a broken bone, excellent grades, good earning potential. Especially if we have pay equality in America, and I get to look at her just as I did my oldest. Which I should be able to. And her father would be allowed also depending on his abilities over the next few years, now that his hand has been tagged into this wrestling match of what rights our daughters do and don’t have.

Both children attended college with me throughout my life. They were raised in my universities.

Where the brilliant go to college to get married and the beautiful don’t have to but if they choose too they are rewarded with professors who appreciate their duality.
So we wish to Thank you for believing in us and begin to welcome you into the economy of family. But in our model; we hope you don’t mind, we are the primary owner of our children , the biological property in question. We are equipped to decide who shall assist us in educating our children and who isn’t.
And we will earn a percentage of stock in their corporation that begins with the mother at 51% stockholder in that child’s corporation. The Child at 30% of the stock holding. and the father or state or other assisting agency determined by the mother, which may include specific teachers, or colleagues, professionals, etc. purely at the discretion of the mother and child.
Thank you. That’s my take on Citizens United = Basic income for all.
I do realize that this paper isnt up to par with references and a biblio, etc. It is original content. Intellectual property. Rough Format Indeed. However.

And speaking directly to my children, the children around my children, and the children from the various programs when I was teaching –

You are loved by many.

Speaking directly to the international community both within and outside the US, especially those whom I was close with through my college relatiosnhips and friendships – I believe in you as you are without our country extracting your resources. I hope that you extend a wide welcome to women politians and business owners, because we have different ways than the men and often relate to the frustration of premature extraction.
To the women in Afghanistan, if you need to save yourself or your babies – steal those cars and drive and fight and be heroic and let your daughters see you and let the men smile in the amusement of your astounding and powerful beautfy and abilities. Whether to their pleasure or demise. The girls in Lebanon, have got the race car scene pretty lit up. Don’t be afraid to learn. Our homes are our sanctuarry, but our country is our blood. I know the same is true for you. Tourism shouldn’t be militant.
And directly to Ali Ahmed – who has been the source of so much of my own lifes upsets right now.
It wasn’t your fault. You were used. I know you like I know Eli, you are students of life. Religion aside.